More mindfulness at home

7 beneficial tips for self-care

Sunlight, the sounds of nature, time off from the noise of the city – a stay in nature is relaxing and good for our wellbeing. Can we also create this cosy feeling within our own four walls?

Tips for self-care at home

To keep body, mind and soul in balance, it’s important to maintain a regular self-care routine. These soothing impulses can help to bring your health and wellbeing back into focus:

#1: Bring nature home

Bring a piece of nature into your home. Plants are easily grown from seed on the windowsill or balcony. Sow your seeds and enjoy watching them sprout and develop into plants.

#2: Fill up on sunshine

Vitamin D is involved in numerous metabolic processes in our body and plays an important role in our health. But for our body to produce it, our skin needs to be exposed to sufficient sunlight. So it’s good to get out into nature on a regular basis – as allowed under the current regulations. Alternatively, sit on a chair in front of a wide-open window, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

But be careful: you can still get a sunburn.  Protect your skin from UV rays by wearing sunscreen or avoiding extended periods of sun exposure with unprotected skin, and avoid the midday sun.

#3: Bring the forest into the bathroom

The scent of silver and Siberian fir takes you away to the serenity of the forest. The scent can help you to reenergize and find inner balance. Weleda Pine Reviving Bath Milk can be used as a full bath or footbath. Alternatively, pour a little hot water over the bath essence in a bowl and let the fragrance work its magic on your senses. Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk is ideal for use in the morning if you’re feeling slow and have trouble getting out of bed. The lively scent drives away fatigue, has an uplifting effect and stimulates the senses. A bath with this essence also promotes blood circulation.

#4: Counteract worry and fear

Nothing has such a relaxing and calming effect as the scent of lavender. Our tip for a moment of relaxation: Rub a few drops of Lavender Relaxing Body Oil between the palms of your hands and then hold your palms in front of your face at a distance of 5 cm. Close your eyes, enjoy the fragrance and let go of the stress.

#5: Meditate regularly or let your imagination roam

Relaxation begins in the mind. Setting aside a few minutes each day for mindfulness exercises can help you to weather daily stress. How about a virtual walk through nature? Use your imagination to invoke the relaxing sensation of a walk in the woods – even within your own four walls.

#6: Routine care for stressed hands and feet

We often neglect our hands and feet during our daily skincare routine. But these are the parts of our body that we use the most on a daily basis. Frequent hand washing and the use of disinfectants can quickly lead to dry hands. High-quality plant oils and other nutrient-rich natural ingredients help to replenish and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream is ideal for instant relief from dryness throughout the day. It absorbs quickly and completely into the skin. It’s also good to give your hands and extra portion of care overnight. A deeply moisturising hand mask with Citrus Hand Cream or Weleda Skin Food works wonders. Before going to bed, apply a generous amount of cream to the hands, massage gently and if you like, put on light cotton gloves. Your feet will be equally happy with some intensive care.

#7: Give your eyes a break from the screen

Working from a home office often involves spending considerable time in front of the computer. Many of us stare at the screen for hours on end. This leads to eye fatigue, dry eyes and blurred vision. Taking regular breaks and performing simple eye exercises will help your eyes to rest and relax. Discover our eye exercises