Skin care during pregnancy

Skin care rituals to help prevent stretch marks and support the skin

During pregnancy, increased oestrogen levels increase the skin’s elasticity. At the same time, the connective tissue is greatly stretched due to weight gain. Regular massages with natural oils can help prevent stretch marks. Abdominal massages in particular are also a way to come into early contact with your baby.

What causes stretch marks?

The skin’s connective tissue starts to loosen in the first trimester of pregnancy due to hormonal changes taking place in the body. The skin stretches to give the baby ample room to grow. Still, it’s a real test of endurance. The elastic fibres of the subcutis can become overstretched or tear due to weight gain. This leads causes stretch marks, also called striae.

What helps against stretch marks?

In the second trimester at the latest, when the growing “baby bump” is more prominent, many women begin to worry that their stretch marks will remain on their belly and buttocks after the birth. During this time, it is important to take regular care of your stretching skin, and to take care of yourself in general. Soothing touch can help draw your awareness to the changes taking place inside your body. Stretch marks usually cannot be avoided altogether, but regular oil massages can increase the skin’s elasticity to help prevent them from forming or diminish their appearance. From the beginning of pregnancy until the end of the breastfeeding period, massage in the oil every day with light, circular movements over the tummy, thighs, bottom and breasts. Regular oil massages can also measurably improve the condition of skin that already has stretch marks.

Natural plant oils protect the skin

Our skin care products for expectant mothers are made from high-quality plant oils. A special time requires special care. The Weleda Mother range has been developed in collaboration with midwives and pharmacists, based on decades of experience and expertise in holistic medicine. It specifically addresses needs of the skin that arise during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Pure and natural, Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil with almond and organic jojoba oil preserves the moisture of the skin. The formula containing vitamin E rich wheat germ oil improves the elasticity and tone of the skin in combination with regular massages.

For me, Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil is a perfect example of a holistic approach to pregnancy – because it works on all levels. With this formula of precious natural oils and arnica extract, a woman can care for her skin while forming an intimate bond with her child.

Ute Wronn, midwife at Weleda

Natural essential oils for a holistic effect

Our Weleda Mother range is scented only with natural essential oils and plant extracts. The fragrance of Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil is designed to soothe the senses during pregnancy. The delicate floral scent of rose, neroli and myrrh envelops you in comfort, helping you feel confident and calm. The formula of essential oils in Weleda Nursing Oil has been tailored to your special needs during breastfeeding. The delicate scent of marjoram, aromatic components of lavender and the sweetness of fennel oil combine to be soothing and relaxing and provide relief from exhaustion. Weleda Perineum Massage Oil contains a blend of natural clary sage, geranium and rose essential oils. The delicate floral fragrance helps to boost your strength and confidence.

Tips for mindful body care

A mindful, loving body care ritual is more than skin-deep. It is a wonderful way to get in touch with your baby and prepare yourself for the birth:

  • Take time to care for your body and be mindful to yourself.
  • Oil massages can be wonderfully integrated into your daily skin care ritual. During the massage, draw your attention to your abdomen. You might feel your baby’s move and nudge against your hands.
  • Massages with Weleda Perineum Massage Oil soften the skin of the birth area and improves its elasticity. This helps the perineum’s capacity to stretch more easily during birth. Massage also helps you to become more familiar with your body.
  • In the first weeks of pregnancy the breasts already begin to change. A gentle massage with Weleda Nursing Oil helps to relieve tension in the breasts.
  • Skin care during pregnancy is not only about preventing stretch marks and moisturising the skin but also about doing something good for yourself.
  • What’s good for the mother-to-be is also good for the baby. If you take care of yourself with mindfulness and love, you will also do so when caring for your baby.

Our nourishing skin care oil meets a whole range of needs at once. A soothing massage becomes a rewarding time with baby and a respite from everyday life. At the same time, the delicate floral fragrance invokes a feeling of serenity, allowing her to face the challenges ahead with calm and confidence.

Ute Wronn, midwife at Weleda

Carefully developed by midwives and pharmacists, our natural products meet the special needs of pregnancy and breastfeeding – for 20 years.