Why Carry Your Baby in a Sling

Babywearing stimulates all the senses, is calming and helps your baby’s development. Besides, it’s like breastfeeding for fathers, say Frauke Ludwig and Diana Schwarz of the Trageschule Hamburg, an organization focusing on babywearing advocacy and training.

Ten reasons for parents to wear your baby

  • Babies are meant to be carried. Babies show their parents that they want to be carried by crying, closing their fingers in a grasp (grasp reflex), and by slightly bending and spreading their legs.
  • Babywearing is beneficial for your infant from day one and appeals to all the senses. The skin, our largest sensory organ, is also stimulated by skin to skin contact using the wrap sling or baby carrier.
  • Babywearing supports the development of your baby’s spine and hips and strengthens their core muscles.
  • The hormone oxytocin is released through skin contact and closeness. It has a calming effect, lowers blood pressure and promotes the bond between you and your child.
  • Babies that are worn cry less, are generally more balanced and sleep better at night.

Babywearing fosters your baby’s vitally important basic sense of trust

  • When you wear your baby directly on your chest it can sense your mood and reactions, which gives them direct feedback as to whether a situation is safe.
  • If your baby has had enough of a situation, they can turn away. Your baby can decide for themselves what they want to see and experience, or if they want to withdraw.
  • Infants can only see as far as 20 to 30 centimetres in their first months. When worn in a sling or carrier, they can easily recognize you and feel secure.
  • Always wear your baby so they face you. This protects them from stimulus overload and poor posture.
  • Babywearing is like breastfeeding for fathers or other caregivers.

To ensure that you and your baby are comfortable, we recommend that you seek advice from a trained babywearing consultant. They can guide you as you practice safe babywearing until you have found the perfect carrier, pouch or wrapping technique.

Diana Schwarz
Frauke Ludwig

Babywearing consultants and founder of attachment parenting congress in Hamburg, Germany

Diana Schwarz
Together with Frauke Ludwig she founded the Trageschule (Babywearing School) Hamburg and the online parenting platform einfach-eltern.de. The mother of two daughters says: “My first daughter quickly taught me that prams, cots and pacifiers were out of the question, and instead needed body contact and constant breastfeeding."

Frauke Ludwig
The lactation and breastfeeding consultant also has two small daughters and together with Diana Schwarz launched the Congress on Attachment Parenting. “Babywearing made everyday life with my daughters immensely easier. We started our business when our daughters were three months old. Wearing our babies in a sling made it all possible.”